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South of Chicago

Ein Blog zu alternativen wirtschaftspolitischen Ideen aus dem globalen Süden

For decades, the development discourse was dominated by the ideas of the so called Chicago school of economics. Even after the IMF itself discredited these, economic policy in most transforming and developing nations ist still largely neoliberal in nature. This blog will give room to voices from the global south who either work on alternative economic concepts in their country or who portray the alternative discourse in their home country. We hope to contribute to a diversified debate and a rethinking of the relationsship between liberal democracies and neoliberal economies vs. inclusive economices. 

Foto von Karl Solano auf Unsplash 

A new generation of economic thinkers for the Global South

Bernie Baldo was 12 years old when his parents house had to make way for West Africa's first shopping mall in Lagos in 1978. 10 years later he held a Masters degree from Oxford University in economics and went back to Lagos to write his PhD on the effects of neoliberal policy on his home country.

Senegal, Brasilien, Türkei, Äthiopien, Vietnam, Chile

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